TMJ Decompression Appliance Therapy

Should Charlotte TMJ Specialist Dr. Larson determine that your jaw is out of position compressing your jaw joints and straining muscles, he will design and fabricate comfortable, sleek and barely noticeable clear orthotics to be worn part time or full time for a defined period of time to allow healing to take place.

Your bite may be at war with your jaw joints and muscles. Until the 3 components of a healthy chewing, speaking masticatory system are in harmony- the TM joints, muscles and bite, pain and dysfunction can occur. Add in related headaches, migraines, stress, clenching and grinding of teeth that could be related to sleep breathing problems and other body misalignments and you can have a complex TMJ disorder.

Nightime orthotic.jpg

Decompression appliance therapy allow these structures to relax and begin healing. Other physical medicine modalities Dr. Larson provides help speed up that healing to help you return to a better quality of life.